1Q11 - Vikrambhai's visit to a city near you.

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Dr. Vikram Patel visits a US town near you. (April 14-May 17)

  April 2011
Kailash Cancer Hosptial at MSA
  Dear Jagdish,

Jay Shri Krushn.

Those of you following Muni Seva Ashram (MSA) since Shri Anuben founded it 30 years ago know that it has grown to be a world-class institution in health and alternative energy.  However, instead of resting on its laurels, MSA is now growing and offering societal needs even at an accelerated pace.  We intend to give you a glimpse of MSA’s dynamism through these quarterly newsletters.  Because there is so much to report about, these newsletters tend to be verbose.   We apologize in advance, but assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Vikrambhai is scheduled to visit US from April 14 to May 17.  He historically  visited the US in the fall, but this invariably conflicted with Navaratri and Diwali festivities.  Beginning this year and going forward, Vikrambhai will visit the US in Spring.  This is an excellent opportunity to get an update from the "horse's mouth".  Please see Vikrambhai's Itinerary below and if your schedule permits, please attend one of the gatherings.

Last year we begun Volunteer Camps for students to experience ashram life while helping MSA serve society.  We ran three camps with 20 student participants, who universally loved the camps.  This year we plan to have two camps, one from May 26-June 26 and the second during Christmas vacation.  Eight students studying medicine have already signed up for the summer camp.  Please ask interested students / adults to sign up here.

We would like to share an exciting development in the area of education.  To meet growing demand for a skilled workforce, the ashram is embarking on a project to build a Vocational Training Center to train the tribal youth.  Under a Public Private Partnership Gujarat state government will provide 75% of the construction cost and all of operational cost for the next seven years. MSA has been approved to train in 15 vocational courses and plans to launch 4 courses in May.  For additional details, please search for the YouTube video titled "Vocational Training Center at Muni Seva Ashram".

Please read on to learn the status of other projects in-flight.  If you have any comments about ashram or this newsletter, please share them with us by replying to this Email.

Hemant Patel
Secretary, Muni Seva Charitable Foundation, USA Inc.
Ashram Website                      Ashram YouTube Video

Gujarat's first cyclotron on it's way to Ashram

cyclotron In the last newsletter we told you about the Cyclotron project that will produce radioactive chemicals for better diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.  The Ashram and its partner company IBA have formed a Special Purpose Vehicle. They have submitted application to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) and approval is expected by April. Formalities of Soil testing, flood-plane approvals have been completed. IBA has ordered the equipment.

ICU & Linear Accelerator

A fully equipped ICU at Kailash Cancer hospital is nearing completion. Structural construction is complete and the equipment is already on site. Cosmetic completion is expected to be completed by June 2011.

Since we started treating cancer in 2001, the demand has continually grown. Today, the existing LinAcc can sustain ~100 sittings each day and is at capacity. The cancer hospital critically needs 2nd LinAcc.  A state-of-art machine costs ~$3.5M which MSA can ill-afford. MSA is in initial discussion with a US-based financing company to procure the LinAcc on cost-share basis.

Industrial scale Biogas plant offers investment opportunity

Farming 1 3It  will convert cellulosic biomass such as grass, banana trunks & corn stalk into Methane and electricity.  It will provide 100% of ashram's energy needs by 2012.  Ashram has finalized the contract with the builder - Excellent Renewable Pvt. Ltd (ERPL).  The company has purchased land near the ashram and is now waiting for official transfer and conversion to non-agricultural status.  ERPL is looking for investors and will offer 15% for a seven year term.  If you'd like to invest while assisting  MSA please respond to this email.   

VanPrastha Mandir IV

Vanprastha 2This will alleviate the chronic shortage of living quarters for the elderly. The construction was delayed because of legal squabble between previous owners. This was resolved last year and the construction is in full swing. First floor is half constructed and will be finished by June, followed by utilities, furnishings & cosmetic completion. The 1st floor quarters are expected to be ready for move-in before Christmas while 2nd floor quarters will be ready a few months later. The entire facility will be equipped with A/C, WiFi and running gas supplied from the bio-gas plant.

Organic Agriculture

After substantial preparation MSA has now become an "Apiary Center".  Four boxes of honey-bees have been installed.  The delicate insects are nicely settling in Ashram's organic orchards and farms.

Last year MSA planted sugarcane and produced 15 Tons of 100% organic Jagerry. This year MSA is experimenting with Dates. It has purchased 60 Date saplings. First harvest is expected in 2014. MSA has also dedicated 10 acres each for peanut, sunflower and sesame. The oil will meet the indigenous needs and will take MSA a step closer to self reliance.

Vikrambhai's US Itinerary
Find the location nearest you and call the host to RSVP.  Some hosts have arranged for meals. 
San Jose, CA
Fri 4/15 7PM         Samir Patel   (650) 428-0817
Los Angeles, CA
Sat 4/16 2PM    Jagubhai Patel (281) 565-4320
Houston, TX
Mon 4/18 7:30PM Hemant Patel (281) 565-4320
Staten Island, NY
Sat 4/23 2PM     Yogendra Patel (718) 698-3984
Queens, NY
Sun 4/24 12PM    Ashok Gandhi (718) 962-6687
4/25-4/28              call Kirit Patel (765) 977-2500
Troy, MI
Fri 4/29 5PM Paresh & Anil Patel (586) 379-9411
Calgary, AB, Canada
Sun 5/1 2PM    Davendra Patel (403) 241-8119
Ft.Wayne, IN
Tue 5/3 7PM        Jayesh Patel (260) 969-8746
Lexington, KY
5/4-5/5     Call Yogendra Shah (330) 204-3568
Pittsburgh, PA
Fri 5/6 7PM           Praful Desai (724) 834-0469
Toronto, ON, Canada
Sun 5/8 ??PM  Gitubhai Parikh (905) 887-1931
Gaithersburg, MD
Mon 5/9 7PM        Ashwin Patel (301) 926-8906
Fredrick burg, VA
Wed 5/11 7PM Nitinkumar Patel (703) 221-4759
Martinsville, VA
Sat 5/14 12PM        Paresh Patel (276) 647-5390
Raleigh, NC
Sat 5/14 6:30PM    Pankaj Vyas (919)462-1700
Mobile, AL
Sun 5/15 5PM        Bharat Patel (251) 648-6895


Nursing Hostel 2Nursing Hostel – The first floor was completed in January and 53 students moved to their new rooms.  Second floor is being outfitted with furniture.  When fully ready in June, it will accommodate 130 students.
Eklavya School – It was started at Ashram’s Swami Vivekanand HighSchool in May 2010 with 29 6th-graders selected from across Gujarat state’s tribal areas. State Education/Tribal Department is providing partial funding to build a stand alone school with boarding facilities for 400 students from 1st-12th grades. We are hoping to inaugurate the school in time for 2012-13 school year.

Atithi Mandir

Atithi DormitoryConstruction on the dormitory quarters in the “B block” has begun. When completed, it will house up to 120 people. This will supplement the existing Atithi Mandir facilities and provide affordable lodging to patients and their relatives.

We have also begun a reservation system which allows booking rooms via phone or over internet. If you are planning to visit MSA and would like to stay at Atithi Mandir, please click here.

Muni Seva Charitable Foundation USA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization