3Q10 - India's Largest Solar based Refrigeration System

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A Letter from Dr. Vikram Patel

July 2010
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  Dear friend,

Jay Shri Krushn.

For more than a decade now, the requests have been made from many of you for more frequent updates in the form of email newsletter on the activities of the Ashram and now finally, the first issue is with you. I am happy to see that long standing dream come true.

I am happy to report that Muni Seva Charitable Foundation is now registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation established in USA to support the Ashram.  This will make it easier to donate to the Ashram from USA.  The foundation is focusing on collaboration amongst Ashram supporters in USA , better communication from the Ashram and more organized involvement from the youth volunteers for the Ashram.

We recently begun volunteer camps for students to experience ashram life and learn how it serves the society.  I invite you to see the blogs of 8 young energetic interns who spent a month at the Ashram this summer.  The second camp would be in progress as you read this newsletter.

As most of you are aware, the Ashram is involved in providing need based services to the population nearby in simple, clean, aesthetic and ecologically friendly environment.  In this email  we have highlighted a few recent developments, but I invite you to view the entire newsletter for additional details.

Finally, we would like your feedback so that we can improve the communication from the Ashram to all of you – the donors and well wishers of the Ashram.  Please share your opinion by taking a short 7-question survey about this newsletter.

Dr. Vikram Patel
Chairman, Muni Seva Ashram
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The Beginning:

Pujya Anuben Thakkar

Shri_Anuben At age of 34 Pujya Anuben Thakkar wanted to take sanyaas. Her Guruji,  Munidas Maharaj, guided her to serve the society instead.  Since it's founding in 1981, the ashram has greatly blossomed as can be seen by these links: 
Youtube Part I              Youtube Part II

New Developments at Kailash Cancer Hospital:

PET_CTWe are proud to announce that the Ashram now has a PET/CT Scanner and a Nuclear Scanner with a Gamma Camera, both of which are very useful in accurate, early diagnosis of cancer.  They are also used heavily in detecting recurrence as well as spread of cancer.


The ashram schools continue their tradition of imparting excellent education  as evidenced by student performance at board exams. This year the 80% of the 10th graders passed and the 12th graders scored  perfect 100% in a row!

For the first time in the Ashram’s history, many of our school children participated in several extra-curricular examinations organized by independent NGOs. Our children were the shining stars winning 1st prize in essay, drawing, and handwriting competitions. In “Geeta pathan Pariksha,” 75% of the students were awarded distinction. Not to be left behind, Mr. Jayantilal Patel, primary school headmaster was awarded “Saraswati medal” from Gujarat Vidyapeeth for encouraging students to participate in extra curricular activities.

Ashram Hospitals Beats Obama's Timetable to go Electronic!

You may have heard that Obama administration has instituted stick-and-carrot approach to push Photo_Debit_card 3US doctors and hospitals to go electronic.  We are there already!


The "GREEN" Ashram

water 2A 100 Tonne refrigeration system based on solar energy has now started cooling the Ashram hospital.  It's the largest Solar plant in India.

Another interesting development is the installation of a 50 Sq meter dish to burn dead bodies.  The Ashram can rightfully boast to be the only place in the world to have a solar Crematorium!


Vikrambhai is planning to visit the US in September on a coast-to-coast tour.  This would be a great opportunity to meet with him & learn more about these and other ashram initiatives.  We would keep you informed of the schedule.