Bhagini Mandir

The Purpose:
"Mentally challenged" is often a misunderstood and derogatory term. Individuals with retardation are a target of scorn and ridicule due to society’s attitude, retardation leads to other physical and emotional problems which interfere with the persons’ learning process. After certain age when the parents grow old, other members of the family consider them to be a liability. As they are sensitive, the temper tantrum increases and they become violent and withdraw into themselves.
Mentally challenged girls are more vulnerable to such mental and physical abuses.
     Shri Anuben felt that it is society’s responsibility to see that these girls are provided proper accessories and opportunities so that they can rise above their impairment. The fact is that a disabled person has a heart to feel, a desire to lead a normal life and given a chance lead a dignified life.
     When a girl is admitted to Bhagini Mandir a comprehensive evaluation to find out about her strengths and needs is done. Tests in neurology, psychology, psychiatry, special education, hearing, speech and vision are carried out. The physician puts together the results and carries out a basic treatment plan to develop basic skills like cleaning, cooking and carrying out house hold chores.
     Designed by India's leading Architect Mr. Manoj Patel, Bhagini Mandir has 20 rooms, each room accommodates five girls. There are plans to provide more comprehensive treatment for the girls. Usually these girls are with the Ashram for rest of their life.

  • Medical care
  • Weekly checkup by Vadodara's leading Psychiatrist, Dr. Jatin Shah to monitor the progress.
  • Daily Physiotherapy and exercises are given by physiotherapist Dr. Ami Mehta & Dr. Trupti Panwala

  • Individual Campus built on 2.5 acres of well shaded land.
  • Specially designed rooms which can accommodate 5 girls each
  • Facility to accommodate 100 girls.
  • In house cooking facility for giving special diet to the inmates.
  • Play equipments and play ground.
  • Dining halls.
Special Training:
  • The girls are taught to do all their day to day work themselves.
  • Training in cleanliness and basic care.
  • Through indirect means like story-telling, songs and small games, interest in learning is generated.
  • Activities like Papad making, Cooking, Embroidery, Sewing etc are taught

Present Requirements:
Sponsorship for one woman for one year 8,000
Anniversary meal pledge 40,000
Food for one day 2,500
Breakfast for one day 1,000
Milk for one day 500
Life time sponsorship/Women 1,20,000
Total 100 Members. Waiting list = 150