Parivar Mandir

The Purpose:
Parivar mandir is built as a home for forsaken new born babies or children of single parent who is unable to take care of her child. It was Pujya Anuben's firm belief that life is a gift of God and every child should have a chance to live. He or she should have a proper upbringing, basic facilities, a chance to study and mould the future. It is the responsibility of our society to help them so that they can be a part of a better world and progressive India.
     At Parivar Mandir the Ashram has tried to create an environment of extended family so that the children are provided loving care and support. Each member of the Ashram takes a role of family member. The children lovingly call Vikrambhai as "Papa" and he tries to fulfill that role as far as possible from his busy schedule. The children are taught to treat each other as brothers and sisters.
     The ashram is a guardian to the girls. Each child is given personal attention and care. The children receive shelter food, education and medical care as well as care for their spiritual, physical and emotional needs. The goal is to help the children grow in a secure environment, full of love and support, which will help prepare them to become educated, productive members of society ready to contribute back to their families, communities and country.
     The girls stay in Parivar Mandir till their primary education is completed. Afterwards they are admitted to Ashram’s secondary and higher secondary residential school. Once they complete their school education, the girls are guided to appropriate college or technical institute for further studies. The Ashram supports the girls till they feel they are independent. The total strength of Parivar Mandir is 55 girls and 3 boys.
     Muni Seva Ashram receives many requests for adoption. If the Ashram feels that the parents will be able to adopt the child and they can give the warmth and affection of family then the child is given for adoption.

How You Can Help:
There are many ways you can help us in our endeavour to take better care of the children. Many people wish to adopt a child or help these children but are unable to commit themselves fully because of busy schedule or other reasons. The Ashram has come forward with a Distance adoption facility whereby you can adopt a child and the child will remain at the Ashram and we will take care of her and provide you regular updates about the child’s development and future plans and you can help her and mould her future as per your wish.

  • Total medical care.
  • Nutritive foor with prescribed.
  • Calorie intake for proper physical development of the child.
  • Education.

Present Requirements:
Sponsorship for a child for 1 year 8,000
Education for one student for 1 year 4,000
Anniversary meal pledge 40,000
Food for one day 2,500
Milk for one day 500
Life time sponsorship/child 1,20,000

Future Planning:
  1. To provide educational toys and undertake psychological study of individual child to understand her specific needs.
  2. To provide distant adoption facility where a donor can adopt a child and provide for all her needs.