Quarter 1, 2013

March, 2013
MSA Greets 2013 with a Flurry of Activities
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  February 2013 www.greenashram.org
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Jay Shri Krushn
Dear friends,
We are only into the first quarter of 2013 and the Ashram has already hosted several events and festivals, with even more diverse participants from more countries and more remote villages.IMG_0073

You will read about them in this brief newsletter and the "News & Events" section of the Ashram website; www.GreenAshram.org.  I am really pleased at how the "Mukhya Mantri Amrutam Yojana" is shaping up at the Ashram's hospital.  Even though the Ashram offers inexpensive medical treatment, I have always been concerned about the affordability of quality care for the poorest of the poor.  Cancer treatment is very expensive.  It costs Rs. 2-4 Lakhs, or even more, for treating a cancer patient.  Your donation enables the Ashram to treat patients at a subsidized rate, or even totally free for some patients in dire need.  I am glad to see that with government's assistance we are able to continue offering world class treatment to the poorest of the poor.
I am also pleased to inform that we are upgrading Ashram's Linear Accelerator and the Treatment Planning System that was installed in 2001.  We are installing two RT machines this year and the first of them is being installed as I pen these words.  I would share more about these machines in the next newsletter.
As part of the annual fund raising campaign, I am planning to visit several cities in USA, Canada and UK during April and May.  Please let me know if you would like to host a charity event in your city.  I would share my trip itinerary in the next news letter.
Dr. Vikram Patel
Chairman, Muni Seva Ashram


Celebrating the Ideas & Ideals of the Founder Anuben Thakkar
On December 18, 2012, Kailash Cancer Hospital celebrated the pious occasion of the birth Anniversary (punyatithi) of late Shri Anuben.  The enIMG_0110 2tire Ashram unfolded itself into an unforgettable celebration of knowledge and wisdom.  Warm gratitude were offered to Anuben for her work for the needy and poor of Goraj & beyond.

New Online Pictures of the "Green Campus" at Vankuva , home to Vivekanand Highschool and Eklavya Model Residential School, and much more...

Green Campus at Vankuva

This campus is like no other - lush green, wooded surroundings, organic farming of award-winning fruits and vegetables, Gir heifers, and above all, hundreds of exceptionally bright and ambitious students that win many district and state-level awards every year. Click here to access the campus in pictures, and you can read more about the Vivekanand school here. Separate websites for all the institutions of the Green Campus institutions are coming soon.

Serving the People "Below Poverty Level" 

One of the successful attempts undertaken by the Gujarat government is the benefits given to the populace Below Poverty Line (BPL).   Ashram is a proud participant.
Click here to read more on the greenashram.org site

MSA @ the Vibrant VCCI Expo '13

Muni Seva Ashram was at the Vadodara Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Vibrant Expo 2013 to showcase the various health care programs, check up camps, and the world-class services offered at the Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Center. Click here to read more...


During this past summer, two Student volunteer camps were held when ~20 high school and college students from across US experienced the ashram life for 2-4 weeks.  There will be two 2-week camps this year;  the first in June and the second in August. If you know of a school or college student (or even an adult) interested in volunteering at Ashram, please ask him/her to sign up here.
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Vanprastha 4

The construction of Vanprastha 4 is inching towards completion.Side View rev1 
Civil works for the first floor is 70% complete.  Second floor will be completed shortly.  The next will be plumbing, electric and carpentry work.
Front view Rev2
We are working hard to get the first floor ready for move-in by end of the year.  Visit Vanprasthashram online
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