Sponsor a Child

Change your life while changing theirs……

Support a child at one of MSA schools...

Sponsoring a child is the most powerful way to fight poverty. Sponsoring a child through Muni Seva allows you to witness a miracle firsthand, following your child's growth as he or she is nurtured to health, educated and exposed to the main stream world. You can create a lasting, personal bond and change a child's life by helping provide health care, education and much more — all for ~US$1 a day.

Become a Muni Seva child sponsor today and change their world forever.

What you will get:

Ø  Bio data & picture of child when you sign up
Ø  Report/ Progress card & child's personal note – twice a year
Ø  Personal meeting – at the school
Ø  More than anything- you will get satisfaction that you have changed life of child and helped to fight poverty for your motherland.

Annual expense for 2017-18 school year to sponsor a child: includes everything: - lodging, boarding and education


Primary School (Std. 1-8) Rs. 20,000 (US$300)
Secondary School (Std. 9-10) Rs. 25,000 (US$400)
Higher Secondary (Std. 11-12) Rs. 30,000 (US$500)
Parivar Mandir-Orphanage (Std. 1-12)  Rs. 30,000 (US$500)


What we will need:

Ø  Browse the list of needy children below. They are organized by grades.
   Please click on the grade to see biodata of children awaiting sponsorship.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12+

Ø  THEN CLICK HERE to indicate the selected child and enter your contact info.
Ø  Your sponsored child will be indebted for ever for your support, compassion and help to give him/her a better life.
Ø  If you are paying in INR by check or NEFT, write to biinna2003@gmail.com (or call Bina Ben at (713)516-4515) or  hemant.patel@greenashram.org.  For credit card payment in USD, click below.  PAYPAL will store your contact information only.