• Fundraising events at US and Canada
  • April 23-25 - New York and New Jersey (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • April 27 - Charlotte (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 2 - Chicago (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 2 - Toronto (with Hemant Patel)
  • May 3-5 - Dayton/Cincinnati (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 8 - Fort Mac (with Dr. Vikram Patel and Jay Vasavda)
  • May 9 - Calgary (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 9 - Phoenix (with Hemant Patel)
  • May 10 - Edmonton (with Dr. Vikram Patel and Jay Vasavda)
  • May 16 - San Francisco (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 17 - Houston (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 17 - Vancouver


Sponsor a Cancer (Bone Marrow Transplant) Patient

Fund a treatment, gift a lifeā€¦

With the increasing cases of blood cancer especially amongst children, more and more patients are needing financial support. Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) treatment remains the premier way to help someone since BMT generally has a very good prognosis and the beneficiary typically has many more years of productive life left.

Funding the treatment of a patient through Muni Seva Ashram gives you a chance to save a life, get the satisfaction of providing world-class treatment and the hope of life to an underprivileged patient along with saving the family from a lifelong debt, at nearly a quarter of the cost compared to a city like Mumbai or Ahmedabad.

What you will get:

  • Biodata & picture of the patient when you sign up
  • Report/Progress of the patient once the treatment is complete
  • Most importantly - satisfaction and fulfilment of having saved a family from ruin

Cost of sponsoring a patient:

Treatment Cost Charge
(in INR)
(in USD)
(in CAD)
10% of the average treatment cost 80,000 1100 1500
50% of the average treatment cost 4,00,000 5500 7250

What we will need:

Pictures and information of our patients and their current sponsors can be found in the links below. Please note that some patients are awaiting sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a patient listed, please note down his/her Patient ID (required in the form to be filled) and then click on the link given on the slide of the patient (that you want to sponsor) to fill in the form on the link.

Cancer Patients

Thank you for your support and your donation. Your beneficiary will be indebted to you forever for gifting him/her life.