• Fundraising events at US and Canada
  • April 23-25 - New York and New Jersey (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • April 27 - Charlotte (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 2 - Chicago (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 2 - Toronto (with Hemant Patel)
  • May 3-5 - Dayton/Cincinnati (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 8 - Fort Mac (with Dr. Vikram Patel and Jay Vasavda)
  • May 9 - Calgary (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 9 - Phoenix (with Hemant Patel)
  • May 10 - Edmonton (with Dr. Vikram Patel and Jay Vasavda)
  • May 16 - San Francisco (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 17 - Houston (with Dr. Vikram Patel)
  • May 17 - Vancouver

The Ashram

Our Philosophy

We believe in supporting the community by:

Serving without discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, sex, and financial or political status.
Aiding without bias.
Healing without profit.
Welfare without limitations.

Our philosophy is all-inclusive and aims to serve, strengthen and sustain the well being of the less fortunate and build organizational resilience through agriculture, health, education, welfare programs and alternative energy solutions. We strive to uphold our philosophy by constantly introducing new technologies on our campus and transparently utilizing our funds to ensure the betterment of the society as a whole.