Vanprashtha Mandir

The Purpose:
Today in this fast paced world where the boundaries of countries have nearly vanished, migration for work and better prospects leave the elderly people alone. Sometimes they do not want to leave the old place and in some cases they are neglected. In India, slowly, this social development is threatening the country. The rise in the percentage of aged people who need this facility has increased many fold.
     Shri Anuben was very much disturbed to witness this situation. To provide a place where elderly people can lead their last years of life with respect and in dignified way, Shri Anuben built three Vanprasth Mandirs namely."Gokul" "Mathura" and "Vrindavan" established on the banks of River Dev.
Here along with residential facilities medical and health care facilities are just within walking distance. The internal environment provided is very appealing as it has open rooms to allow sunlight, large dining rooms where senior citizens can socialise themselves and feel independent. Here specially trained staff ensure personal care and other housekeeping facilities.
     At the same time exclusive health care services related to various diseases and health issues can be availed at Ashram’s state-of-theart hospital. On request nursing service can be arranged for a small fee. The ashram conducts socialisation programmes and allows researches and social workers to offer their services which develops a very friendly and homely environment to make them feel independent.
     Every inmate of the Ashram is provided with a healthy and nutritious diet. Rooms and other facilities are maintained and cleaned every morning and upkeep is regular. The rooms are provided on twin sharing basis. Only Rs. 1500 per month is charged as food & maintenance charges.

New Development:
Muni Seva Ashram is building a new Vanprasth Mandir with air conditioned residential units. Another important arrangement will be that it will offer computers with internet connectivity, coffee shops and other campus services like grocery stores, gymnasium.

  • 81 self contained rooms designed to provide proper ventilation and furnished with bed, locker, cupboard and chairs.
  • Attached Toilet and bath.
  • All the facilities maintained by dedicated staff of each Vanprasth mandir.
  • Each Vanprasth has a courtyard and garden for the inmates to get together and relax or carry out some recreational activity.
  • Prayer hall
  • Library, Dining Hall and Kitchen
  • Music and T. V. Room with recreational facilities

  • Medical facility within campus.
  • Jogging track, garden & walkways for fitness activities.
  • Nutritious food as per requirement for senior citizens.
  • Ashram encourages the residents to engage themselves in other activities of the Ashram so as to keep them occupied and utilize their expertise and experience.
  • Ashram provides a platform to senior citizens to provide social service if they wish to.
  • Ashram expects them to get engaged in day to day activities.

Present Requirements:
Anniversary meal pledge 20,000.00
Food for one day 2,000.00
Total 90 Senior Citizens

Future Planning:
  1. Develop a programme for channelizing their expertise toward helping the society
  2. To provide internet facilities to make it easier for the senior citizens to keep in touch with their relatives.
  3. Yoga training programme.
  4. To install equipment for physical fitness.